Han Go-Eun introduces her husband to the public for the first time on TV!

On August 6 broadcast of SBS “Same Bed, Different Dreams,” actress Han Go-Eun revealed her husband of 3 years for the first time on TV. Shin Young-Soo, Han’s husband, revealed that the reason he decided to go on TV was because of the malicious comments he had received regarding his appearance.

During the broadcast, Shin Young-Soo first introduced himself as the husband of Han Go-Eun. He said, “I’m currently working at a home shopping company, and I’m in the Merchandising Department. Right now, I feel very nervous. I think it’s almost miraculous that I’m on TV with my wife, but I feel good about it at the same time.”

When the interviewers asked him why he hesitated to go on TV at first, he answered it was because of the malicious comments he had received regarding his appearance. Shin said, “to be honest, I’ve heard that I was “ugly” from my parents and my brother so many times, so I was aware that I’m not the best looking guy. However, when I briefly appeared on TV in the past, the reaction from the public was really funny.”

Furthermore, he also shared some malicious comments he had read at the time.

According to him, many questioned why Han Go-Eun would ever date him, or that he must have a lot of money. Regarding the comments, Shin said, “my wife thought they were hilarious. I was just glad that I could give her something to laugh about. I think of it as a positive thing.”

Meanwhile, Han Go-Eun and Shin Young-Soo got married in August, 2015. At the time, the marriage received much attention from the public because the couple revealed to have only dated for 100 days before deciding to get married.

Image Source – SBS “Same Bed, Different Dreams”

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Translated by Dasol Kim