Han Chae-Young is returning to the small screen for the first time in 4 years!

On October 1, Han Chae-Young confirmed to star in the upcoming MBC drama “A Promise with the Gods” (literal translation). In the drama, the actress will take on the role of Seo Ji-Young, an anchorwoman and a talk show host.

Image Source – BS Company

“A Promise with the Gods” will tell a story about two married couples, who make a choice that go against their ethics and morals in order to save their dying children.

Seo Ji-Young is a character who stays aloof and cool about her career, but is not afraid to express her strong motherhood to her children. In a way, Han Chae-Young is very in sync with her character. Furthermore, the public is excited to see the actress taking on a role that she has never done before. As a mother in real life, many are expecting Han Chae-Young to convey some reality in the drama.

In response to the news, Han Chae-Young said, “I feel very overwhelmed to be greeting you in a drama for the first time in a while. As soon as I heard about the drama and the character named Seo Ji-Young, it touched my heart. I will do my best in preparation for the drama and you won’t be disappointed.”

Meanwhile, this is Han Chae-Young’s first drama in 4 years. She appeared in KBS drama “Bel Ami” in 2014, and has taken a break from the industry ever since. However, she did appear in various TV programs, such as KBS “Sister’s Slam Dunk” and JTBC “Secret Sister,” and established a friendly image to the public.

“A Promise with the Gods” will premiere on November 24 at 9PM, KST on MBC.

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Translated by Dasol Kim