Dino, a member of boy group of Halo, plans to perform his duty as a Korean man.

Halo dino
Image source – Histar Entertainment

On June 11, Halo’s agency Histar Entertainment announced on the group’s official fan cafe that on July 28, member Dino plans to enlist in the army. As a result, he will be absent from the group upcoming concert “Have A Good Time” in Seoul with the rest of the group.

Additionally, the agency apologized to Halo’s domestic and international fans for the announcement. Further, the company said that they are making the appropriate changes to the group’s schedule and asks they the fans continue to support them.

The day before on June 9, Dino posted a handwritten letter where he wrote that he will be “away for a while to fulfill his duty,” but that he will “be back as a stronger man.” Moreover, he asks that fans not worry too much because he intends to return in good health.

The group’s upcoming concert is their first solo show in Korea since their debut. There, the singer planned to show a have a performance that “he had not shown before.” Additionally, Dino has expressed some regret at having practiced for the concert, yet not being able to show the results of all his effort.



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