The web variety show series Haha and Kim Jong-kook co-host, “Big Picture” is releasing the special episodes in Vietnam.

Mystic Entertainment

The biggest web variety show success, “Big Picture” is to premiere the special episodes in Vietnam previous to its third season. With its first two seasons, the show has accumulated over 100 million views.

“Big Picture in Vietnam” follows Haha and Kim Jong-kook’s struggles in Vietnam as the two plans a “big picture” in the country. Currently, the show has finalized the local shootings in Vietnam.

In the upcoming episodes, the two variety show stars meet specialists in various fields with a shared ambition to invest in the resort management. A special guest is joining the show in the coming season.

“Big Picture in Vietnam” is to release new episodes on every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from October 8 through VLIVE and Naver TV.


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