Gugudan member Hye-Yeon will be taking a break from all activities due to health issues.

On May 17, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that “Hye-Yeon will take a rest from all activities besides her schoolwork due to health concerns.” However, they did not specify exactly what kind of health issues she is going through.

Following is Jellyfish Entertainment’s announcement:

Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We are giving you a notice regarding our Gugudan member, Hye-Yeon.

Recently, Hye-Yeon has been taking a rest from all activities and schedule, besides her schoolwork, due to health concerns. We have made this decision because her health recovery is our priority right now.

In order to recover fully, we realize that she needs lots of rest and treatment. However, we do apologize for this sudden announcement, to all fans who are waiting to see her.

We will try our best to help Hye-Yeon recover soon, and we once again apologize and ask for your understanding for this announcement.

Thank you.

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Translated by Dasol Kim