Boy group GOT7 proves why they are international K-pop giants.

Image source – JYP Entertainment

On Monday, September 17, GOT7 will return will its third full album Present: YOU led by the title song “Lullabye.”

On the 16th, the group’s agency JYP Entertainment released a track teaser for the song, and it was unlike any teaser the group has ever released. In particular, the teaser featured snippets of the song in four different languages, drawing attention. The members have worked to translate and sing “Lullabye” not only in Korean but English, Spanish, and Chinese as well.

Notably, while the lyrics differ somewhat due to translation purposes, the group has successfully captured the sweet and dreamy feel in all four variations. With this revelations, GOT7 has taken additional steps with this album to highlight their roles as one of the heavyweights in the K-pop world. In addition to their multi-lingual title track, all seven members will have a solo song as well.

In total Present: YOU has 16 different tracks for listeners to enjoy.



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