The feat accomplished by the fans of GOT7 is the first in VLIVE’s history.

GOT7 billion
Image source – Naver VLIVE

On February 14, group GOT7 appeared on a live award broadcast for the 2018 Global V Live Top 10, which encompasses the most popular channels on the platform. As of the writing of this article, the group is the fourth most popular channel on VLIVE with over 4 million followers.

After greeting their global fan base in English, Korea, Chinese, Japanese, and French, the group thanked their supporters. JB, the leader of the group, said, “Last year and this year as well, we want to thank you for selecting us [for this award]. We will continue to show you the best sides of ourselves.”

As the broadcast continued the members, known for their candidness, spoke about VLIVE shows that they had wanted to do — some of which were deemed inappropriate by their agency’s staff.

However, while their language, charisma, and honesty were wonderful, another event stole the show. The group’s broadcast surpassed an astounding 1 billion “hearts,” similar to “likes” on other social media platforms, live. It was the first of its kind on the platforms and further demonstrating their sheer popularity.

Meanwhile, GOT7 recently announced plans to come back in early March along with a world tour.


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