Jackson’s Instagram

GOT7’S Jackson celebrated his birthday by thanking his fans and parents.

On 28th, Jackson wrote a long caption along with photos on his Instagram.

He wrote, “Hi, It’s been a long time! A year has already passed again and I just became 24 years old in Korean age. I am sorry that I made you guys wait and worry about me. I wasn’t able to manage my own health even though I always tell you to be healthy. I am especially sorry for that. Sometimes I become way too passionate, so I couldn’t take care of my health. I regretted so much while I was taking a rest this time. I truly realized that everything is meaningless without good health.”

Jackson continued and wrote, “Today is my birthday and I’m glad. Not just because it’s my birthday, but a special day with special people. They are my parents and every single one of you.
It’s been along time since the last time me and my family spending birthday together. no matter if it’s my parents birthday or mine, we were always not together. I’m really grateful that we could finally spend my 23 rd birthday together this time. Mom and dad, thank you for giving me this precious life 23 years ago, and thank you for raising me up. And And now, all I want is mom and dad, taking a break from everything, do whatever you guys want, whenever. That’s my biggest wish. Love.”

Lastly, he said, “My birds, thank you for all the birthday wishes, birthday events, I saw everything and I appreciate everything ! I’m going to take good care of myself. at the same time, work hard to continue surprising you guys. Thank you so much, LOVE. And thank you so much for all my friends, Who sent me birthday wishes even though you guys are really busy. Thank you so much.”

Meanwhile, GOT7 recently released a new song ‘Never Ever’.

Jackson’s Instagram


Original article
by Ji Min-kyung

Translated by Audrey Joung