After refusing the police’s request for questioning, Goo Hara is reportedly in the hospital for the second time.

Image source – OSEN News

On September 15, multiple news outlets have reported development in the situation involving actress and singer Goo Hara and her now ex-boyfriend.

Goo is reportedly hospitalized and is receiving treatment for injuries. Media outlets are reporting that the singer and actress incurred the injuries during the confrontation with her boyfriend known as “A.” Further, Goo’s agency Content Y has confirmed she is in a hospital after checking with her family.

However, as previously reported, “A” insists that during their violent confrontation he was the only one who was physically assaulted. As a result, Goo and “A” have provided two different variations of the night’s events. As it stands now, only “A” has responded to police’s request for him to come in for questioning.

According to a police official, Goo has continually refused to respond to summoning requests for various reasons. Nonetheless, they do plan to take further measures if she does not come in for questioning on her own.

Both Goo Hara and her agency have remained tight-lipped about the situation.

When the story first made headlines, the entertainment agency released a public statement where they said they planned to clarify their position once contacting Goo and her manager. It has been more than a day since the initial announcement and Content Y have failed to come forward with an official position regarding “A” assault allegations against Goo.

Now that the actress and singer is hospitalized, she reportedly could not contact either the police nor her agency. As a result, no action is expected to take place until she is discharged. Following this, Content Y said that they would continue with the police investigation after Goo recovers. Moreover, they will likely proceed carefully and with a legal representative.



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