Goo Hara’s ex-boyfriend has reportedly threatened the singer with a sex video in midst of investigation.

While the investigation continues regarding the case of Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend, a shocking wave of news continues as one media outlet reported that the ex-boyfriend has threatened the singer with a video that contains their sexual relationship.

Previously, Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend became the talk of the town when the two alerted the media, the public, and the police about the violent encounter that happened between the two on September 13.

While Goo Hara claimed that the physical assault had occurred from both parties, the boyfriend released photos of the scars on his face, claiming that it was a one-way abuse from the singer. The positions kept on conflicting, making it harder and harder for the public and the police to determine who is telling the truth.

Then, on the morning of October 4, one media outlet revealed a shocking audio containing the evidence that the boyfriend had actually threatened the singer to upload a footage of their sexual relations on the web. With the video, the ex-boyfriend had reportedly told the singer that he could end her career in the entertainment industry.

In response, Goo Hara’s legal counselors briefly said, “we are currently in the process of organizing our official stance on the reports. We will release our statement as soon as possible.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim