Goo Hara and her boyfriend continue to reject all requests from the police to participate in an investigation.

On September 14, a source from the police reported that former KARA member Goo Hara is currently rejecting all requests for an investigation. The source revealed, “both Goo Hara and her boyfriend (hereby known as A) are refusing to participate in an investigation. It’s also very hard to get in contact with either one of them.”

The day prior, Seoul Gangnam Police Station revealed the Goo Hara physically assaulted her boyfriend at a residence in Nonhyun-Dong near midnight. According to the police, the incident happened when the boyfriend, who is also the singer’s hairstylist, had expressed his wish to end their relationship. In response, Goo had apparently physically attacked him.

However, Goo Hara argued that it was not a one-way abuse, but the boyfriend had also used a forceful act on her. The singer said, “my boyfriend told me to get up and kicked me. Afterwards, we got into an argument, and all I did was to leave a little scratch.”

Furthermore, the agency also says they cannot get in touch with the singer. The company said, “Goo Hara’s manager and others are currently attempting to get in touch with her. We will release our official statement after directly checking with our artist.”

Meanwhile, the police has already looked into the security cameras that surround the place to check facts. They announce that they will dispatch a legal summon for attendance if the two do not agreed to the requests by today, September 14.

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Translated by Dasol Kim