Girls’ Generation and Jessica: They May Have Separated but Their Paths Keep Crossing


Jessica departed from the legendary k-pop girl group, Girls’ Generation, in 2014 in a manner that left a bitter taste on fans’ tongues. And although she is longer a member of Girls’ Generation, their tenth anniversary also marks a decade that Jessica has been in the Korean entertainment scene — a point that her fans wanted to celebrate.

To celebrate this significant moment in Jessica’s career two fan sites, Thai Golden Stars and JUNGSis,  collaborated to create and air an advertisement on Youtube.

With the advertisement running for the whole month of August, the same month of Girls’ Generation’s comeback, it was only a matter of time before it appeared before one of the group’s videos.

Twitter user blancdelux was able to capture the special moment when the inevitable happened:

The moment online was followed by a more surprising event in the real world.

Both Girls’ Generation and Jessica have finished their first fan-sign event as part of the promotions for their newly released albums, ‘Holiday Night’ for the former and ‘My Decade’ for the latter. The fan-signs were held on the same days, August 8-10, same place, Lotte World Mall in Seoul, and occurred around the same time — but were happened on different floors. Hopefully there wasn’t any tension if they ran into one another.

Whatever the case may be we hope that both Girls’ generation and Jessica have successful comebacks.

Girls’ Generation is promoting for their album ‘Holiday Night’ headed by the release of two title tracks, “Holiday” and “All Night”. According to a notice posted on their official website they will be ending their promotions on August 13. Jessica is also promoting her new album, ‘My Decade’ and title song “Summer Storm”.


By O.C