Rapper Gary secretly got married and made a surprise announcement.

On 5th, Gary announced on his Instagram, “Today, I got married with someone I love. We didn’t have a formal wedding, but just the two of us had a little agreement ceremony and became married. My wife is a non-celebrity woman and she suddenly shook my soul. I know there will be people who are shocked by this sudden marriage announcement, but I hope you bless our marriage life with a good heart.”

Gary’s agency announced, “We were completely unaware of his marriage. We were informed right before he made the announcement. We don’t have anything particular to announce, since what Gary wrote on his Instagram is all we have.”

His announcement is not a notice, but instead it is an ‘announcement’ that he has already gotten married. It was enough to surprise everyone. Not only his agency didn’t know, but also ‘Running Man’ members also didn’t know about his marriage at all.


Original article
by Yoo Ji-hye

Translated by Audrey Joung