The two BIGBANG members share one last embrace before separating.

T.O.P G-Dragon
Image source – via Instagram @phillip_paradise

On March 2, Phil-Lip Chun, the Chairman of Paradise Global CO., Ltd., shared some candid photos of BIGBANG members G-Dragon, real name Kwon Ji-young, and T.O.P on his Instagram. More, the pictures are from the Kwon’s military enlistment on February 27 and show a more intimate side to the event. While hidden from fans and media, Kwon revealed his short military haircut.

However, as interesting as his new hair is, particularly touching is the pictures of G-Dragon and T.O.P sharing one last hug. The two, while both serving their mandatory conscription at the same time, they will probably be in different divisions.

While G-Dragon will likely be serving as an active division soldier or police officer, T.O.P is a social worker. When he first entered the military, T.O.P was part of the police division, his indictment for smoking marijuana changed everything.

Due to the charge, a committee under the Ministry of National Defense determined the final status and position of the BIGBANG member. As a result of the committee’s review, they concluded that he would serve the rest of his military conscription as a social worker.

During their meeting, T.O.P and Phil-lip Chung gave G-Dragon a special bottle of wine. The vintage of the wine, 1988, is also G-Dragon’s birth year. On the bottle the words “My dear brother Ji-yong” and “Be careful. I love you so much” can be seen.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon entered the military on February 27 and is expected to be discharged late November in 2019. If you cannot wait until 2019 for the singer and rapper, you can visit his new cafe in Jeju, which opened last week.



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