G-dragon and former ‘After School’ member Lee Ju-yeon are involved in dating rumors.


On the 30th last month, videos of G-dragon and Lee Ju-yeon were uploaded online. The videos were filmed using ‘Kwai’, which is a new and popular app that people can use to make funny lip-sync videos.

The videos caused fans to question about the two’s relationship, as they looked quite comfortable with each other. However, as media platforms started publishing articles about G-dragon and Lee Ju-yeon’s dating rumors, the stars’ agencies denied and said they were “just friends”.


However, the leaked videos were not the only reason behind dating rumors. On October 25th last year, G-dragon posted a photo of himself wearing a green hat and hanging on a lift. Three days later, Lee Ju-yeon also posted a photo of herself with the exactly same background as G-dragon’s.


On October 27th, again, the two posted similar photos of a smiley face parachute.


On November 3rd, Lee Ju-yeon posted a photo of her at a restaurant. G-dragon also posted a photo on Weibo that looked similar to Lee Ju-yeon’s.

Weibo, Instagram

With such evidence, many fans are believing that the two are dating. However, both of their agencies YG and Better ENT are denying the rumors.


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by Audrey Joung