(f)x’s Krystal became the “Music Representing Asia” for fashion magazine L’Officiel Italia!

A world-renowned fashion magazine L’Officiel Italia chose Krystal to be their muse representing Asia for their May edition. In the magazine, they described Krystal as someone who possesses exceptional taste and talent not only in her professional field, but also in fashion and art.

Furthermore, they chose Krystal as the muse representing Asia, who gives inspiration to the fashion industry and Art & Culture industry.

In the pictorials they revealed, Krystal is posing to fit the concept “Island Girl” at Jeju Island. In addition, she talked about her profession as a f(x) member, as well as her opinion about K-pop’s popularity in the following interview. She also talked about her honest thoughts about her future, creating much anticipation from her fans all around the world.

Meanwhile, Krystal has recently confirmed to appear in upcoming OCN drama ‘Player’ as one of the lead roles. The drama will tell a revenge story that brings together a con artist, hacker, driver, and a fighter.

F(x)’s Krystal will play the driver, Cha Ah-Ryeong. The character was abandoned at an orphanage when she was young and picks up petty skills such as picking locks and pickpocketing after running away. However, the skill she has mastered completely is driving. While trying to escape the life she’s in, she meets Kang Ha-Ri (Song Seung-Heon) and turns to a different lifestyle.

Image Source: Fashion Magazine L’Officiel Italia

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Translated by Dasol Kim