FT Island’s Lee Hong-gi revealed his cute jealousy towards actor Kim Soo-hyun on ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’.

The singer made a guest appearance on the August 7th episode of JTBC’s ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’.

On the show, he revealed that he was still living with his mother and little sister. Upon opening his refrigerator, the staff was surprised at the amount of dishes and ingredients his mother had prepared. “My friends come over just to have a taste of my mom’s cooking,” the singer said. He also revealed that Kim Soo-hyun was one of those included.

The singer couldn’t help but show a little jealousy towards his close friend. “My mom smiles differently at Soo-hyun. Whenever he comes over, she prepares potato stew (gamja-tang) and other big dishes,” he said.

To the chefs, the singer requested a grilled dish that would surpass his mother’s cooking. “I want it to be a dish Soo-hyun’s never tasted before. A dish that’s meant for me and me only,” he said, bringing laughter on set.


Original article
by Kang Seo-jung

Translated by Janet Kang