Conflict between the production company of drama ‘Four Sons’ and Park Hae-Jin’s agency continues to grow as the production team says they “regret asking the actor to come back.”

On November 23, the production company in charge of producing upcoming drama “Four Sons” participated in an exclusive interview with OSEN to clarify the situation from their perspectives. The company said, “we regret overturning our previous statement, which ultimately ended up looking like us begging Park Hae-Jin to come back to the drama.”

Drama ‘Four Sons’ had previously gained much recognition and anticipation from the public for the characters no one has seen before in the history of Korean drama. Soon enough, director Jang Tae-Yoo and female lead NaNa announced their departure and the whole production turned into a mess.

The problem only got bigger on November 21, when the production company accused Park Hae-Jin of being absent without excuse for the past 4 months, which has reportedly made a drastic impact on the process. In response, Park’s agency argued that the production team had broken the contract and the actor officially stepped down from his role.

The following day, the production team released a statement that admitted there had been a misunderstanding. However, to the public, this appeared as if the production team were overturning their statement and many turned their backs on the team in support of Park.

In response, the production team said, “we regret it. That was a mistake on our part. We regret it because it appears as if we are the ones who should apologize.”

They continued to response to Park’s agency’s plan to take legal action. The team said, “if we had done anything to defame the actor, it makes sense. However, we haven’t. We did not use his name in our first or the second official statement. We are simply blaming the representative of the agency (known as “Q”). At this time, we would like to clarify that we are seeing the two parties, separately.”

At the end, they admitted that they see no possibility on Park Hae-Jin coming back to the drama. The production team said, “we don’t expect him to return. However, we do believe that if we continue to push him with legality, maybe he will change his mind.”

They concluded, “we have been at this for years, but we’ve never seen a case that a management company was involved this much. They say they waited for us for 7 months, but it’s been 4 months since the agency denied our request to have Park Hae-Jin back on set with us. We have a lot of evidence and we will continue to ask for legal responsibility.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim