Former Wonder Girls member Sunye officially returns to the industry!

On August 12 broadcast of MBC’s “King of Masked Singer,” former Wonder Girls member Sunye made an appearance and officially marked her comeback to the industry. It’s been 5 years since the singer left her former group to marry her current husband, and she chose a special way to get back on stage by disguising her figure at first.

While Sunye did her best on the stage, she couldn’t quite make it to become the next king. However, this actually did her a favor because she could reveal herself and announce her official comeback. During the show, Sunye revealed that her children still don’t know that she was formerly a singer. “When I sing for my children, they say I’m just being loud. Because they are still very young, they do not realize that I used to sing. To be honest, that upsets me sometimes,” said Sunye.

In addition, the singer also shared a few thoughts about being back in the studio. She said, “it was nerve-wrecking to sing in a studio in front of audience for the first time in a while. It reminded me of the past. When Ravi told me that he was a big fan of me, it got me thinking how I used to sing in the past.” She continued, “I want to produce and perform songs that can be a comfort to others.”

Moreover, the director of “King of Masked Singer” explained the complicated and prolonged process of convincing Sunye to make an appearance in the show. Director Oh said, “we have spent the last two years trying to get Sunye to come on our show. However, we couldn’t overcome our schedule conflicts, so it took a lot longer than we expected. However, we are glad that this finally happened.”

Meanwhile, Sunye announced that she signed an exclusive contract with Polaris Entertainment on August 10. While many people are in support of her return, there still exist some people who criticize that the singer was rather irresponsible when she left Wonder Girls for her “personal gains” that is marriage. In midst of controversy, Sunye marks a strong comeback through MBC “King of Masked Singer.”

Image Source – MBC “King of Masked Singer”

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Translated by Dasol Kim