Yubin appears the May 2018 Cosmopolitan pictural where she talks about the Wonder Girls and music.

Image source – Cosmopolitan Korea

Singer and rapper Yubin displayed a charming casual allure while posing in the dusty desert close to Los Angeles. Her appearance in the magazine is notable considering it is one of her few appearances since the Wonder Girls disbanded last year. But that shouldn’t be the case for too much longer.

These days, the singer revealed, she has been working on a solo album. Talking more about it, Yubin says that she “worried about it because it is my first solo album since my debut.” Moreover, she discloses that following the disbandment she spent most of last year studying and find the “right color” for herself.

Talking about some of the former members like Sunmi and Ye-eun (HA:TFELT) the singer said that seeing them in action she is impressed yet also jealous. “It’s invigorating,” Yubin explained about seeing them expressed distinct musical identities. Like them, she is confident she’ll “a unique side [of herself]” that is separate from her former group.

In particular, the singer notes that she sincerely appreciates her time as a Wonder Girls. She says that because of the group she had “various experience, met different people, and done different things. So I am very satisfied at this moment.”

Meanwhile, you can find out more about Yubin’s interview on the Cosmopolitan website and the May 2018 edition.


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