Sunye has officially signed with new agency!

On August 10, Polaris Entertainment announced that former Wonder Girls member Sunye officially signed an exclusive contract with the agency. The company said, “after exchanging a deep conversation about the contract, we have agreed to work together for the common good.”

They continued, “we are aware that a lot of you are curious about the return of the artist to the industry. However, we currently don’t have any detailed plans regarding her future activities.”

“Sunye now has to open a new chapter in her life, after working hard as a mother of two children for the past 5 years. We hope that you continue to support and give her warm cheers as she embarks on another journey in life,” they continued.

While many people are in support of her return, there are still some people who criticize that she was irresponsible. These people argue that Sunye left Wonder Girls for her personal gains and that it ultimately led to a prolonged hiatus for the group. Furthermore, many accused her of returning to something she had abandoned, just because she now needs something from it.

Meanwhile, the singer debuted in 2007 as a member of Wonder Girls under JYP Entertainment. After 6 years of activity, she married her husband in January of 2013, and has since been living in Canada. Earlier in the year, she appeared in JTBC’s “Stranger” and revealed her family life as a mother of two children.

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Translated by Dasol Kim