A film critic Shim Yeong-sub publicly criticized South Korean writer Park Hae-young, who wrote tvN’s drama ‘My Mister,’ starring actor Lee Sun-gyun and IU (real name Lee Ji-eun).

“So why are you dating her? Is she pretty?” – a line from IU
“She must really like you. Is she pretty?” – a line from the brothers of Lee Sun-gyun

On March 22, Shim Yeong-sub introduced some of the lines from ‘My Mister’ on her Facebook account, and mentioned the similar character settings of Park Hae-young’s previous work, ‘Another Miss Oh.’ Shim added how the main character from drama ‘Another Miss Oh’ was a rather poor and ordinary-looking girl, who envied a wealthier and pretty character.

Shim said, “it seems that write Park Hae-young thinks the world judges all women by their looks and money. Does the world judge a woman based on her look and money? People are judged by their ability, but women get judged even before they can prove their capabilities. Just because we are women. In conclusion, we don’t need money or looks, we are judged based on the fact that we are not male.”

In addition, she said, “drama ‘My Mister’ is a problem not because it’s a love story between 41-year old man and 21-year old student, but because of the way they look at women.”

Meanwhile, ‘My Mister’ has already had a controversy regarding the contents of the drama. Many criticized it for stimulating the ‘Lolita Complex’ and airing inappropriate violent scenes without filtering.

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Translated by Dasol Kim