B.A.P’s highly anticipated reality program may go from postponed to canceled depending on the investigation.

Image source – OSEN News

TV cable network FashonN has moved B.A.P’s new show “B.A.P Trains,” which was supposed to premiere in the 12th of this month to sometime in October.

Further, FashionN has decided to play it say and is not setting an exact date for the program’s broadcast next month has not. According to the network, the outcome of member Kim Him-chan’s sexual harassment investigation will play a crucial part in the show’s future.

“If the incident ends well, we can meet soon (views with the program), but otherwise we are discussing cancellation of the broadcast,” an official said. The group’s entertainment will document the members as they create VR (Virtual Reality) games that match their songs. It is not known if the games would have become open for the public to play.

An unnamed woman in her twenties accused Kim of sexually molesting her during a trip that happened on July 24 in Gyeonggi Province. In her claim, she says that during the course of their drinking party that the incident occurred. In response, both Kim and his agency TS Entertainment denied the allegations. Further, because the accused and the accuser had very different stories, the police decided that they needed to investigate further.

Reportedly, the Namyangju Police located in Gyeonggi Province have decided to book Kim without detention on suspicion of sexual molestation on Monday. According to a police representative, the move was taken in consideration of the witness statements and other evidence.

In response, TS Entertainment said that “it is a misunderstanding” and plans to release another statement once the investigation and case are over.


FashionN Postpones B.A.P’s New Show Due to Investigation a Day Before Premier.


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