As actor Kim Woo-bin’s health gradually improves, his fans wonder how they should support him as he recovers.

Kim Woo-bin
Image source – OSEN News

On August 12, pictures and videos of Kim Woo-bin meeting with fellow actor and friend Lee Jong-suk spread on social media and other online communities. Fans welcomed the photos and videos of the actor who, although thinner with longer hair, appeared to be in good health.

Updates about the star are far and few between since his agency announced the actor has nasopharyngeal cancer and would be getting treatment last May. As such, fans celebrated his strengthening health, and are cheering him on. In fact, the pictures mentioned above have already spread beyond Korea and are gaining even more attention. However, there are also voices calling for his fandom to quietly support him as opposed to giving him too much attention since he is still recovering.

Last December, seven months after Kim ceased his entertainment activities, he wrote an update for fans on his official fan cafe. In the update, he expressed gratitude for all of their support and is still having regular check-ups and is recovering. Further, he informed fans that it will take more time before he returns to take on more acting roles.

Meanwhile, Kim started his career as a model and transition to an actor. Since appearing in his first standout role in “Gentleman’s Dignity” in 2012, he has gone on to star in the drama series “School 2013,” “The Heirs,” and more.



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