Fans Cheer for Wanna One’s Bae Jin-young after his June 2 injury.

Bae Jin-young
Image source – OSEN News

At a press conference held on June 3 for Wanna One’s special album 1÷=1(UNDIVIDED), member Bae Jin-young talked more about an injury he sustained at the concert held the day before. On June 2, suffered an ear injury after colliding with another member while performing.

Although he returned to the stage after a quick check-up and finished the concert, he later received additional medical treatment at a hospital. In addition to the injury, news that Bae had cried after the accident caught fans’ attention, making them worry for the singer even more.

However, during the press conference, Bae clarified that he did not cry because he was in pain. Rather, he was moved to tears following the accident from regret. “My family was here (at the concert) yesterday, so I thought they would be really worried,” he explained. Additionally, he went on to say that he was upset and embarrassed for not being able to put on a perfect performance for both the fans and his family.

In response, fans of the group left comments under published articles wishing the best for the singer. Luckily, Bae was able to perform at the group’s concert later on the 3rd. Meanwhile, Wanna One’s special album will be out on June 4 and is preparing for their world tour.



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