MBC has put a well-known drama PD, herein referred to as “A,” on standby as an investigation is conducted regarding multiple claims of sexual harassment claims brought against A.


According to MBC officials, a member of an editing team for a drama that aired last year claims to have been sexually molested by A. The episode reportedly took place at an editing facility in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province. Currently, A is on standby as the allegations are investigated.

Moreover, according to those familiar with the case, the editor who came forward is not the only victim. Several other victims have come forward claiming to be targeted by A. Further, this is apparently not the first time the A has been involved in a sexual a harassment incident. While working on other drams in the past, A had allegedly sexually harrassed others. However, due to A’s reputation as a “Hit PD,” the claims never gained any traction. More, when asked to provide more details on these past incidences MBC officials said, “we have nothing to say.”

MBC officials said “After gathering statements from the victims we have launched an investigation. Once the investigation has concluded, we will refer the case to our personnel committee for disciplinary action that will align with the results of the investigation. It will not take much time.” the official concluded.

Notwithstanding the results of the investigation, this controversy is likely to intensify given the current climate in the entertainment world. This news comes amid multiple sexual assault and harassment scandals, exposures, and accusations currently upending Hollywood. With these claims spanning different sectors of the entertainment field including production, films, and more — this controversy and what it means for the industry, will not go away quickly.


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Translated by O.C