The head of a famous hair salon claims that large management companies Starship Entertainment, C-JeS Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment have skipped out when it is time to pay the bill.

In a press interview on Monday, the owner of a famous hair salon, surname Kang, claimed that Starship Entertainment, C-JeS Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment book makeup and hair appointments for their talent, but fail to pay the bill. According to the owner, his shop has continually sent out payment requests but did not get a response from the companies. More, Kang also alleges that company representative threatened him on several occasions to not go public with the information.

In response, all three companies have refuted the allegations. Further, a representative from C-JeS Entertainment said that since 2013, the company had requested payment and transaction information, including work done, on several occasions. However, they never got a reply from Kang.

Likewise, Cube Entertainment (Cube) said that they have evidence of payment to the salon until the first quarter of 2015. Like C-JeS Entertainment, Cube claims to have made several requests for payment, invoices, and transaction details to no avail.

As such, the three agencies are asking for Kang’s cooperation to submit relevant evidence as soon as possible to complete any necessary payments, if there are any.



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Translated by O.C