Group Exo’s Lay has entered the ‘Billboard 200’ chart with the highest ranking as a Chinese singer.

According to Billboard’s article ‘Lay Makes His Solo Debut on the Billboard 200 with New Album’, which was published on October 29th, Lay’s U.S. debut album ‘NAMANANA’ was ranked #21 on the chart. The album was also ranked #1 on the world album chart.

After making his debut as Exo’s member, Lay has been performing globally. Recently, Lay participated in his U.S. debut album with producing. His album has made the highest rank ever as a Chinese artist, which is why the recognition is also meaningful.

Furthermore, on the release date, ‘NAMANANA’ was #2 on Amazon Music’s best seller chart, and #1 during the pre-sale time. The album is also #1 on iTunes’ 16 locations’ music charts and global music websites including China’s QQ Music.


Original article
by Audrey Joung