The two members will showcase their vocals in drama “Money Flower”.

EXID members Hani and Solji sang OST track “Flame” for MBC weekend drama “Money Flower”. The track will be available on music sites starting this Dec. 30 at 6 p.m.

“Flame” is a track composed by ZigZag Note and written by Kang Myung-shin. The song will be the theme song for character Na Mo-hyun (played by Park Se-young). The title “Flame” perfectly represents her powerful love and ambition.

The drama “Money Flower” is a story about a young man who is consumed by his greed and tries to manipulate people to follow his will. He, along with two other characters, become increasingly interlinked through love and desire as the story goes on. So far, the drama is drawing attention for its high viewership.


Original article
by Ha Soo-jung

Translated by Janet Kang