The hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo will participate as directors on MBC’s music program “Under Nineteen.”

Image source – Amoeba Culture

On October 1, a representative from MBC announced that “Dynamic Duo will take over as the directors of the rap part, following [the announcement of] vocal team director Crush.”

Additionally, according to the show’s representative, the number 19 holds a special meaning for the duo. In 1999, when they were 19 years old, the two were acting as part of underground hip-hop group K.O.D. Becuase of their musical journey to reach mainstream status the producers believe that they will have a close connection with the show’s participants.

image source – Amoeba Culture

Dynamic Duo is a legendary first generation hip-hop team that have shaped Korea’s current musical scene. Moreover, in addition to releasing music, the two have also taken positions as mentors on various music-focused programs.

Meanwhile, “Under Nineteen” is an audition program for teenager talented in rap, vocal, or performance. Only the best in each category will have a chance to move on to the next round. With this concept and the inclusion of Crush and Dynamic Duo interest in the program in on the rise. Thankfully, the show is set to begin airing the first week of November.



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