Dublekick Company, Momoland’s agency, announced it’s official response to rumors that JooE was a bully while in school.

Momoland JooE
Image source – OSEN News

Dublekick Company has decided to issue an official statement regarding JooE. On the morning of January 19 stated that “Currently, various portal sites and community message boards about JooE being a perpetrator of school violence, is a vicious rumor and a lie.”

Further, they said “We would like to request that Momoland, who are doing their best every moment for their precious dream, no longer be hurt by false rumors. We are willing to take strong legal action against the dissemination of false information.”

The announcement is in response to an anonymous Facebook conversation that went viral. In the discussion, a person claims to have attended the same school as JooE said that she bullied other students. More, the poster also detailed their feeling about JooE debuting, not receiving an apology, and physical violence. However, the original poster has since deleted the conversation.

Meanwhile, Momoland recently made a comeback with the “Bbom Bbom,” a song about trying to get your crush to return your feelings.


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