Illustrator Kim Jung-gi is collaborating with Drunken Tiger as a visual director for the hip-hop artist’s final album.

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Before the album release on November 14, Drunken Tiger announced that illustrator Kim Jung-ji is joining as the visual director. The illustrator, renowned for his monotonous pen drawings, did not only collaborated with Marvel, but also acknowledged at live drawing shows in France, Japan, and the US.

This is the first time for Kim Jung-gi to collaborate with a musician. For the cover image, the illustrator depicted Drunken Tiger’s past 20 years based on the musician’s identity.

“It took me two days to finally take the offer because I was both surprised and excited,” said Kim Jung-gi. “I’ve been denying offers from other musicians, but I honestly couldn’t if it was from Drunken Tiger.”

He continued, “I only wish Tiger JK and his fans like my artwork. I draw objets of past, present, and future with an intention to draw the Korean hip-hop scene. I still can’t believe that my drawing is used in Tiger JK’s album.”

Celebrating the 20th anniversary and the last piece of the album, Drunken Tiger is releasing a grand album with 30 tracks. Debuted in 1999, Drunken Tiger established its position as the legend of Korean hip-hop. After DJ Shine left the group, Tiger JK kept the team name as the only member of Drunken Tiger.

Drunken Tiger’s album, “X: Rebirth of Tiger JK,” will be released on November 14.


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