A South Korean drama production company DK E&M asked for an official statement from Korea TV & Radio Writers Association regarding its accusation of drama “Let Me Introduce Her.”


On October 8, DK E&M released a press release once again to accuse recently aired drama “Let Me Introduce Her” of plagiarism.

“South Korea is growing as a global producer of high-quality contents including drama, film, K-pop, and other cultural contents,” writes DK E&M. “In this context, we need an appropriate level of cultural awareness as the major producer of cultural contents.”

“It is the opinion from related officials from the entertainment industry that the denial from ‘Let Me Introduce Her’ of the plagiarism is hard to understand,” the statement continued.

Previously, DK E&M accused “Let Me Introduce Her” of plagiarizing the Japanese drama, “Beautiful Person.” The drama production company has purchased copyright for the Japanese drama and currently plans to premiere the Korean adaptation in the first half of 2019.

SBS completely denied DK E&M’s accusation, saying, “the accusation is completely baseless.”


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