JTBC drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’ team will head off to Bali, Indonesia on the 20th as a reward vacation.

On the 10th, ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon”s staff announced, “We will be heading to Bali on the 20th as a reward vacation. Main actors including Park Bo-young, Park Hyoung-sik, Jisoo, Kim Won-hae, and Lim Won-hee have confirmed that they will also go to Bali with us.”

Meanwhile, ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’ has recently reached the highest JTBC drama viewing rate, winning over the 2012 drama ‘Childless Comfort’, which had a 9.230% viewing rate.


Original article
by Yoo Ji-hye

Translated by Audrey Joung