TS Entertainment and Song Ji-eun are in legal dispute regarding her departure from group Secret.

On February 28, Song Ji-eun announced her departure from group Secret. In August, 2017, she submitted an arbitration application regarding the invalidity of the contract. She said the arbitration board confirmed the expiration of the contract and she is not a member of Secret anymore.

However, the agency argues otherwise. The agency said “Song Ji-eun’s argument is not the final ruling of the court and the agency will take legal action if the individual continues to act on her own.”

According to TS Entertainment, the member of Secret had cut off contact while under exclusive contract and unilaterally announced her departure. The agency added that other members of Secret were also unaware of her decision.

The contract between Song Ji-eun and the company has not terminated yet. It seems that Song Ji-eun announced the invalidity of the contract through her SNS account without the company’s consent. If the contract is still valid, that means that Song Ji-eun has violated the terms.

The company stated “if the Secret members express their intent to continue on their group activities, then the company will fully support their decisions. However, if they carry out unapproved individual activities, the company will take legal action.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim