Making their first comeback in almost a year, DIA talks about the recent departure of Eunjin and the unexpectedly prolonged hiatus.

On August 9, DIA held a comeback showcase for the 4th mini album “Summer Ade” in Seoul. This was their first comeback in a while, since Eunjin’s recent departure among other things put a few stops in the process.

DIA had gone under the radar for approximately 10 months since the release of third mini album “Gift” last October. Since then, a former member Eunjin expressed her wish to leave the group due to mental health issues. Among other things, this put another stop to DIA’s comeback process, leaving the group to be in hiatus longer than they intended to.

Regarding the member’s departure, Heehyun said, “we decided to respect Eunjin’s wish to leave the group. Afterwards, I saw how well she was doing. I always wish that she can stay happy and healthy.” She continued, “this goes for all our former members. While we have had frequent member changes, I hope that they are all happy wherever they are now.”

The group also shared how they thought this could be the last album to release as DIA. Eunice said, “because we used to release so many albums in such a short amount of time, we kind of took this album as granted. However, as our hiatus grew longer and longer, we wondered if we would ever be able to make a comeback. Consequently, we worried that our fans might leave us. To be honest, we thought it could be our last album if there was no reaction from the public this time.”

She continued, “however, we decided to put our best efforts even if this were our last album. Because we put in hard work into creating this album, we will be able to carry more responsibility throughout the promotions.” Heehyun added, “while we’ve always done our best for our previous albums, this one holds a special place in my heart. Our fans have waited so long and we won’t let you down.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim