CJ E&M is heavily discussing changes to the format of the show and the resulting Japanese-Korean girl group.

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Image source – OSEN News

On February 7, reports indicated that “Produce 48,” the latest revival of Mnet’s his music survival show Produce 101, significantly deviates from past seasons.

“Produce 48” combines Korea’s Produce 101 and the concept of the Japanese girl group AKB48 to systematically create a Japanese-Korean girl group. As a result of this concept, Mnet has made numerous changes, adapting the best features of both systems.

One feature taken from AKB48’s group structure is probably one of the more notable changes from past seasons. Members of the new girl group can be active in 2-3 sub-units at the same time. More, these sub-units are not limited to music, but various other activities including acting and other performing arts too. Regarding this element of the new group, Mnet is trying to determine if these sub-units will be active simultaneously.

In addition to the change in possible group activities, the length of the group’s contract may likely change as well. The phenomenal success of both I.O.I and Wanna One has made the length of the group’s contract a point of debate.

Since the girl group is expected to participate in different projects in Korea and Japan an extended activity period is advantageous. Further, there has been speculation that a 5-year contract may arise from these discussions. However, the possibility of this seems extremely low.

Meanwhile, Mnet plans to begin broadcasting “Produce 48” in the first half of this year.


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