Groups DAY6 and N.Flying set to appear on a special episode of MBC’s “Weekly Idol.”

Image source – JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment

According to multiple broadcasters on February 3, DAY6 and N.Flying will take part in a recording of MBC’s “Weekly Idol.” Further, the filming will take place in Apugujeong-dong, Seoul on the 7th.

The two groups were selected being the “hottest idol bands” in the current music scene. JYP Entertainments representative band, DAY6, has grown tremendously popular since their debut in 2015 with “Congratulations.”

Much of this popularity can be attributed to the group’s ambition “Every DAY6” that lasted the entirety of 2017. Every month the group released a new single, music video, and had scheduled performances. The large amount of content created from this campaign displayed their great musicality and range, thereby increasing their popularity and fame.

On the other hand, N.Flying debuted as a four-member band under FNC Entertainment in 2012. Last year, the group added former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Yoo Hwe-seung as a fifth member and vocalist. Since the line-up change, N.Flying has had two comebacks with the most recent being THE HOTTEST: N.Flying with the title track “Hot Potato.”

The “Weekly Idol” band special is scheduled to air later this month.


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