The actual fate of MBC’s titan variety show “Infinity Challenge” is cloudy by contradictory statements.

Infinity challenge
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The future of long-time variety show “Infinity Challenge” has become clouded from the slew of different statements from reputable sources.

In an earlier report, it was announced that the founding members were considering stepping down from the show. This was after the reigning director of the program, Kim Tae-Ho (Kim PD), decided to leave the show. In doing so, it was speculated that the variety program would reorganize with a new cast along with other restructurings.

On March 7, MBC officials announced that Kim PD would stay on as the show’s director until the end of March. At that point, Choi Haeng-Ho would take over. However, soon afterward reports emerge stating that all members, not just the original cast, plan to leave the show. In response, the broadcast company said they are currently in discussion with the cast members.

In the days since other articles have emerged, the most impactful of which reported that the show would indeed be ending on March 31. As a result, fans and the media alike are equally confused about what MBC has planned for “Infinity Challenge.”

On March 13, Kim Tae-ho came forward and said that “Infinity Challenge will continue.” Apparently, all of the current members including Yoo Jae-suk, Haha, and Park Myeong-su will continue as cast members on the show. Further, the show will end on March 31, but not permanently. Reportedly, the show will go on break until fall when a second season will begin. Additionally, Choi Haeng-ho will direct a show that is slated to take over the variety program’s timeslot.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the news reports, fans petitioned the end of the show.



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