Comedian Lee Soo-Ji will be marrying her boyfriend this December!

On October 10, comedian Lee Soo-Ji announced that she will be marrying her non-celebrity boyfriend on December 8. The comedian delivered the news herself during the live radio show that she hosts, as well as a post on her personal Instagram. In response, the public is sending in their blessings and congratulations for her and her fiancee.

Image Source – OSEN

In January, Lee Soo-Ji revealed that she was in a relationship with a non-celebrity. After 9 months since the revelation, the comedian announced their marriage. During October 10 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Soo-Ji’s Music Plaza,” Lee said, “what is it that you want to receive the most from your best friend? Something that you want to also give it to them, first? It’s a wedding invitation! I also wanted my listeners of “Music Plaza” to be the first ones to know about my marriage. Guys, I’m getting married!”

She continued to share the news on her Instagram. Alongside a picture with her fiancee, Lee commented, “I hereby announce that I’m officially taken. I plan to spend the rest of my life with my loving best friend. I wanted to receive congratulations from more people, so I will share more about it during my radio broadcast, as well. Thank you!”

The comedian also rejected some suspicions regarding the surprise announcement. She assured that she was not pregnant, and also revealed that the boyfriend did not do an official proposal. “I want him to do a proposal like the one from ‘Love Actually,'” says Lee.

Afterwards, Lee Soo-Ji also participated in a brief interview with OSEN.

During the interview, Lee revealed the reason behind deciding to marry her boyfriend, who is 3 years younger than her.Β Lee said, “our personalities match really well. When we are together, it’s just fun. I always ask him to try out for a comedian. Also, he pays attention to detail, even more than I do. I’m the guy and he’s the girl in our relationship. I think our contradicting personalities will help us get along more easily. That’s why I have decided to marry him.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim