CNBLUE Jung Yong-hwa is planning to hold one last fan meet prior to starting his military conscription.

Jung Yong-hwa
Image source – OSEN News

On February 7 Jung Yong-hwa’s agency FNC Entertainment said that the singer is “going to spend time with fans one last time before he enlists.”

Further, the company commented that at the fan meet, called “Stay 622,” Yong-hwa endeavors to express sincere music and gratitude to his fans have supported and loved him. Also, Yong-hwa plans to donate proceeds from the event to an organization or cause of his choosing.

The singer recently announced the cancelation of his planned overseas tour on February 5. Instead, he announced his plan to begin his time in the military. Many speculate that the schedule change was because of an incident with Kyung-hee University. News reports speculated that Yong-hwa received preferential treatment when applying for a graduate degree program, which his agency has vehemently denied.

“STAY 622” will be held on March 2 and 3 at the Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium. Jung Yong-hwa will enlist on March 5.


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