CNBLUE’s Jong Yong-Hwa finished the basic training as a soldier and received his official assignment.

On April 13, FNC Entertainment reported, “Jong Yong-Hwa has recently completed a 5-week long basic training with excellent results. For the official assignment, he volunteered to join the special forces, and has been assigned to the Second Crops 702nd Special Assault Regiment.”

In addition, they said, “Jong Yong-Hwa plans to fulfill the rest of his duties with dedication. Until the day he returns, we ask for your love and support.”

Meanwhile, Jong Yong-Hwa enlisted in military on March 5. Many accused him for “running away” to military from his recent controversy with Kyung-Hee University. Whether it’s true or not, it seems that he is putting his best efforts into fulfilling his mandatory service.

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Translated by Dasol Kim