CL, EXO and the surprise appearance of Lee Ha-nui rounded out the magnificent 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

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On February 25, actress Lee Ha-nui, singer CL, and group EXO performed at the closing ceremony of the winter Olympics to represent the Republic of Korea.

CL showed K-pop’s grandeur to the world with a fiery performance of “The Baddest Female” and 2NE1’s song “I Am The Best.” Unsurprisingly, with the performance of these songs, CL, who has been working to establish herself in the U.S., captivated the audience with a unique stage.

Following CL on stage was famed boy group EXO who performed the powerful songs “Growl” and “Power” with a stage expected of a top idol group. Both songs, with their addictive melodies and lyrics, was brought the audience members to their feet.

However, the was one last performance left. During the performance, Lee Ha-nui made a surprise appearance and performed the traditional Korean style dance, chuaengmu (direct translation). Moreover, the specific performance called ‘Light and Harmony,’ expresses the longing for spring and quiet beauty with restrained movement. Donned in traditional Korean clothing, Lee demonstrated Korean beauty and grace that moved the hearts of many.

Overall, it was a well-rounded close to a magnificent and emotional winter Olympics.

Image source – OSEN News


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