It has been 10 years since actress Choi Jin-sil passed away. To remember her, the actress’s family, friends, and fans will gather.

On October 1st, a source told OSEN, “Tomorrow (2nd) will be the 10th year since she passed away in 2008. To remember her, we will have a memorial service with her family and friends including her best friends Lee Young-ja and Hong Jin-kyung.”

“Her children Hwan-hee and Joon-hee have not been able to attend some of her past memorial services because of their ages and school. However, this time, her family and friends will all attend the ceremony since it is 10th year anniversary”, the source also said.

The actress’s mother Jung Ok-sook, son Hwan-hee who goes to an international school in Jeju Island, and 8th grade daughter Joon-hee will gather at the Gapsan Park in Kyoungki-do.

Choi Jin-sil had debuted in 1988 and appeared on dramas and films. After experiencing struggles including the divorce to baseball player Jo Sung-min, Choi Jin-sil committed suicide on October 2, 2008, at the age of 40.


Original article
by Audrey Joung