Both Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ha-yoon have confirmed their roles in this new upcoming drama.

Choi jin-hyuk
Image source – OSEN News

On May 4, an insider reported that Choi and Song will play the lead roles in “Devilish Joy” the new romantic drama. Choi will play the character Kong Ma-sung, a genius doctor who meets actress Joo Ki-yoon (Song Ha-yoon) in a strange situation.

The producers of the show plan to begin filming at the end of this month. Further, the projected broadcast will be sometime during the second half of the year. Apparently, the drama will air on Dramax, a web platform, and other ihq channels after discussions with MBC fell through.

Reportedly, the production team approached MBC with the project while the general strike was underway last year. Due to that situation and a few other miscommunications, a deal could not be made. However, the upside is that the show will be accessible to anyone who has an internet connection.

It has been months since Choi Jin-hyuk’s last drama “Tunnel,” an action-mystery show that captivated many. As such, many are looking forward to his return. Previously, Choi also plays a doctor in the romantic comedy classic “Emergency Couple” alongside Song Ji-Hyo.

Meanwhile, Song Ha-yoon earned recognition for her roll in “Fight My Way” the KBS2 hit drama. Before this, she starred in the web drama “Dream Knights” with boy group GOT7.



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