Comedian Cho Se-ho made a surprise appearance on MBC news as a weatherman. After the appearance, his name was on the top of the most searched words.

On the 12th, Cho’s agency announced, “Cho Se-ho was out at the location since 5 A.M. to prepare for the news. Although the weather was freezing cold, we are happy people smiled because of his appearance.”

According to the MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ team, Cho’s appearance on the news was a special mission called ‘1 Hour Before’ and he did not know anything about it. He was taken by the team an hour before the shooting.

He was taken to Yeouido to report the weather for MBC ‘News Today’ as a weatherman. Nothing had been reported about his appearance, so many viewers were surprised.

At first, Cho was in a suit and a coat. However, during his second appearance, he was wearing a traditional Korean clothes of the ‘general winter’.

Despite the cold weather and unexpected situation, Cho Se-ho said, “I am personally very happy about joining ‘Infinite Challenge’ team. I am so happy and pleased. When I think about that, I don’t even feel cold in this weather! (smile)”.

The whole situation will be aired on ‘Infinite Challenge’ on the 20th.


Original article
Translated by Audrey Joung