Kang Daniel’s participation in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge leads to huge donations not only in Korea, but also in China.

On June 13, the official Chinese Lou Gehrig’s Disease Organization thanked Kang Daniel for his participation in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge. They delivered their gratitude through their official Weibo account and said, “Wanna One’s Kang Daniel uploaded a video of him doing the ice bucket challenge and also donated. This led to his fans in China to participate by donating money to our foundation.”

Furthermore, they said, “Kang Daniel is an icon for positivity. We want to thank him and his fans for their help. Love is on the road and never stops.”

Image Source – Chinese Lou Gehrig’s Disease Organization Weibo

Kang Daniel first participated in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge, when he was challenged by EXO member Chanyeol on June 12. In addition to pouring the ice water onto himself, he also donated 2 million won to the foundation.

Regarding this, Jinusean’s Sean, who brought back the challenge for this year, thanked Kang for his benevolence. Sean said, “Kang Daniel poured himself a bucket of ice water, challenged three other individuals, and donated money. He truly is the epitome of how this challenge should be done. In addition, he became a great example of how people should properly use their power of influence, just like he influenced his fans to donate as well.” He concluded, “I can now tell why people go crazy over him.”

Image Source – Instagram @wannaone.official

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s domestic fans also participated in the donation relay. The singer’s official fan café ‘God Daniel,’ as well as individual fans donated over 2 million won to the Korean Seungil Hope Foundation. This is led to a temporary halt to the Foundation’s server due to massive influx of online users.

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