“Miss Baek” actress Kim Shi-A takes the next step in her career by signing an exclusive contract.

Image source – Mystic Entertainment

On January 16, Mystic Entertainment announced that child actress Kim Shi-A signed an exclusive contract with the agency.

A representative from the company said that Kim’s passion for acting is so deep that her age is not a factor in her potential. As a result, they plan to give support her as she pursues acting and other opportunities. “We will give Kim, who has outstanding talent and potential outside of acting, wings through unsparing support,” said the representative.

Last year, Kim made her debut in the drama “Miss Baek” as an abused child who connects with an ex-convict. She earned praise for her mature acting and was called a child genius amid enthusiastic reviews and critical response. This year, Kim is busy working on her new projects “My House,” and “Closet,” which stars Kim Nam-gil and Ha Jung-woo



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