Cheerleader Park Ki-Ryang gets caught in a feminism controversy after using a gif sticker that says “Feminism” on her Instagram story.

On June 15, cheerleader Park Ki-Ryang shared a video on her Instagram story, where she included a gif sticker that said “feminism” on it. After receiving an unwanted attention, the cheerleader deleted the video.

Park Ki-Ryang is a cheerleader for the Lotte Giants professional basketball team. Not only is she famous for her professional career, she also appeared in various variety shows and receive attention nation-wide.

The controversy started when she posted a video of her at an airport departing Taiwan. In the video, Park also included an Instagram sticker that said “feminism” with a caption “Follow me.” Afterwards, many netizens argued that with this video, Park Ki-Ryang declared herself as a feminist.

At first, the reaction was half-support and half-criticism. The first half supported the cheerleader with the feminism movement, arguing that she has a human right to support whatever movement she desires. However, the latter half criticized that her profession and feminism movement rather contradict one another.

One netizen argued that “we as feminists think the job ‘cheerleading’ is one of the careers that sells sex. Therefore, the fact that a cheerleader is support feminism movement is a bit ironic.”

As the controversy continued to grow, Park Ki-Ryang deleted the controversial video. Afterwards Park Ki-Ryang’s agency continued to explain, “it was just a mistake. Park Ki-Ryang herself is very baffled.”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time where a female celebrity received criticism regarding feminism.

Previously, Red Velvet’s Irene had to deal with male fans boycotting her for reading a feminist novel. In addition, APink’s Son Na-Eun had to apologize for using a feminist phone case, and AOA’s Seolhyun explained herself after a social media controversy.

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Translated by Dasol Kim