Chapagetti-flavored tteokbokki mash-up is rising popular in Korea.


Korea’s largest instant noodle producer Nongshim has recently released a mash-up of its popular Jajangmyeon-flavored ramen product, Chapagetti, and tteokbokki.

On September 19, Nongshim released three ready-to-cook “rabokki” products. The “rabokki,” which refers to the combination of instant ramen and tteokbokki, is a popular snack food in Korea.

Among three flavors, the Chapagetti flavor certainly grabbed people’s attention. Using one of its signature products, Nongshim created a snack food enjoyable to anyone.

The Chapagetti-flavored tteokbokki is appealing especially to those who have less tolerance to spiciness. As both ramen and tteokbokki usually tend to be spicy the unconventional combination of non-spicy bean paste and tteokbokki attracts kids, as well as people who don’t like spicy food.

“Chapagetti-Flavored Ramen Tteokbokki” is available at local grocery stores in Korea. A 2-serving package is about 4,000 KRW.


By Heewon Kim